They are often the headache of nationals and outsiders who come to the US to invest, but the law is the law, and the country is demanding with the "tax". It must be taken into account that there are different rates and payments that must be made. It varies from the state where you buy, the city to the county. Well says an American proverb, "You can escape death, but not the IRS," acronym of the Internal Revenue Service.


Chinese, German, Iranian, Peruvian, Japanese, Colombian, Russian, Venezuelan? No matter where you come from, in the US you can buy whatever you want and if real estate is even better. In 2015 a total of 77 million foreigners visited some corner of the US territory, many with the idea of ​​investing.

Only in 2014 foreign tourists, who have that status visa, invested 83 billion dollars in property in the country, the biggest players being in Florida, California and New York, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

It is not necessary to have all the money to buy the properties, not even in cash, the banks can finance it if it meets certain requirements, such as deposits to pay mortgages for at least one year, administrative expenses. Still the biggest headache is taxes, but there are "pills" to cure it and that is key.

The legal impulse

Acquiring a property in the US can bring migratory advantages, but the matter is not quite simple. Unlike countries like Spain or Portugal that grant permanent permanent residence for the purchase of a property for more than 160 thousand euros, in North America the matter is different and requires more investment.

The Citizenship and Immigration Service handles the EB-5 visa that allows foreigners who invest a minimum of half a million dollars, obtain temporary residence for him, his spouse and children under 21 years of age, who are single.

Specifically, the program grants a conditional residency if you as a foreigner investing from half a million to a million dollars, your project creates 10 full-time jobs for US citizens. If the State, within two years of a review finds that its business has been fruitful within the framework of regulations and helps the community, you can change its status.

On this matter we delve into another delivery so that you can understand in detail everything related to the EB-5 Visa. Even, there is the proviso of getting the residency through the business visas if you are buying remodeling homes.

Some questions and answers will help you understand the "not so complex" that is going into this investment

- Is the tax law very rigid in the US for those who decide to invest in real estate?

Legislation is not rigid at all with this type of investment. The investor enjoys the depreciation expense offered by the property while being used to generate money and also when selling the long term capital gains because you have to pay low taxes for the profit generated.


-What is best for a real estate investor to benefit from US tax cuts?

Save support for all transactions that are related to the main business activity such as meals, hotels, car rentals. For investors who buy in the name of a legal entity, they can pay this type of expenses with the main account of the business and the summary will be reflected in the bank statements that are sent to their accountant at the end of the yea

Is there a way to get tax cuts?

A nonresident US taxpayer who invests in real estate must consider their investment as "not effectively connected with a US trade or business", forcing them to pay 30% of gross income tax. However, if the same international investor takes certain steps when investing, their income can be classified as "effectively connected with a US trade or business."

In making this decision, the IRS allows them to take deductions against their income and pay the tax rates paid by a resident tax resident. The result of making this decision represents a substantial saving for investors.

-How much can savings be achieved by making these legal changes?

The savings vary depending on the income level, usually, every dollar used to pay a business expense saves from 0.10 to 0.40 cents

-Is it advisable that anyone, however small his purchase of property, as a house, avail himself of these fiscal measures that are recommended?

However small or large the profit of the business is, it is always good to capture these expenses since if the losses are not used in the current year, they can be used in the following years when it has utility


Anyone who wants to invest, say buy a property, can benefit from these fiscal measures.

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