At least 10 full-time jobs for US workers within two years (or under certain circumstances, within a reasonable time after a two-year period) since the immigrant investor has been admitted to the US as a Conditional Permanent Resident ".

The advantage of this visa is that in addition to benefiting the investor also does his spouse and children under 21 who are single, who will receive the same immigration status.

The times, the good and the bad

The average time to get the answer to this request is between six and eight months, as different federal agencies investigate if you met all the requirements, one of them key: that the funds you invest are of legal origin.

Entrepreneurs looking for an "EB-5" have the opportunity to invest in projects of all kinds like restaurants, professional companies, tourism, real estate and manufacturing. The concept of this visa is that in most cases it is invested in designated "Regional Centers" that are reviewed and approved by the Government and may be private or public property

The regional centers also assist foreign investors by providing information regarding the processing of the I-526 petition and the issuance of the I-829 (EB-5 related) approvals required to obtain status Permanent residence, a process that is not complicated if you have good advice.

Upon receipt of a Regional Center, the Department of Homeland Security verifies that your money has been obtained legally and that you as an investor do not have a criminal record in your country of origin. Keep in mind that the most delicate thing is that you must assume the risks associated with your business, if you cannot prove that the project created at least ten jobs in two years, you can lose your residence permit and be deported.









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